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IRN-BRU-ers of the World Unite

It wasn't that long ago people used to offer a swig of IRN-BRU to their pals to prove how good it was. These days people share their love of the great BRU online. Well we thought it would be nice to bring everyone together, so we've opened our own community centre - don't worry, it's a virtual one. There's no way we'd expect anyone who has the good taste to drink IRN-BRU to step foot in a dodgy pre-fab with a static field of Neds in shell suits outside. Ours is more a place where you can promote your own group and attract new members and you won’t even have to clear away the chairs afterwards.

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We've raided our design department and put together a big load of hi-res graphics, product shots and stuff so you can do your own phenomenal thing.

treasure chest take a look

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The groups in our community centre are completely independent of IRN-BRU. In other words please don't get angry with us/try to sue us if someone's posted something they shouldn't. Just let us know and we'll sort it. Cheers.

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