The IRN-BRU Carnival is bigger, better and Christmassy-er than ever!

IRN-BRU Carnival
With over 60 rides and stalls, it’s a great day out for the family and friends. As well as all the old favourites, you’ll find tonnes of new attractions to enjoy. Not to mention a blockbuster Cinema offer!

Our new Jungle Fun-house is the largest travelling fun house in the UK and, back by popular demand, The ‘Frisbee’ ride is sure to leave you spinning! If you’re feeling lucky there’s a fantastic selection of stalls including darts, basketball and hook-a-duck. Open from 21 December to 13 January at the SECC, entry is £12 and includes 10 vouchers you can use on the rides and most stalls. Bargain!

That’s not all though, this year we’re offering an IRN-BRU Carnival and Cinema weekend exclusive all for just £16! On Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th December we’re screening The Wizard of Oz and Ice Age 4 so when you book your carnival tickets you also get a chance to double the fun with a trip to the cinema. Don’t miss out – book now*!

If you’ve got a Young Scot or Glasgow Kidz Card it’s twice the fun at half the price on entry (£6) with your card**. Check our website to see if your area is involved. 

To see a full list of rides, cinema details and to book your tickets just visit www.irn-bru-carnival.com.

Facebook link - http://www.facebook.com/irnbrucarnival?fref=ts
Twitter Link - @irnbrucarnival 

*Terms and Conditions apply. 
* Subject to booking fee.

**The following areas have signed up for the promotion;
Glasgow, South Lanarkshire Renfrewshire and Inverclyde.
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